What is the Granny Flat? And How Does it Help You?

//What is the Granny Flat? And How Does it Help You?

Many people might have heard of a granny flat, but they don’t particularly know what it is. As expert creators and designers of granny flats throughout Sydney, we are happy to provide you with the in-depth information when it comes to defining what a granny flat.

What defines a granny flat?

In in its most basic terms, a granny flat is a self-contained resident that can be built or installed (which are known as portable granny flats) on a property. It has no connections and it is essentially a stand-alone home (but much, much smaller). You can usually find granny flats in the backyards of properties, or in some cases they are on a piece of land on their own.

Why have a granny flat then?

This is the beauty of a granny flat; you can use one for a range of reasons. In most cases, they are used as an additional living areas for family members. This is because most granny flats come with features including the likes of:

  • One or more bedrooms

  • A living room

  • A kitchen

  • A bathroom

One of the positives of having a granny flat, or having one built for you, is that you can get it designed in any way, and add any extra features that you would like. You also have the option of colouring and styling your granny flat in any way you want.

Who benefits the most?

Anyone! As mentioned before, granny flats are great for additional family members. For retirees, it is great way to staying close to the family, by living on the same property, but having their own space. This can be also great for young people who can’t afford to live out on their own, but want their own space. Additionally, granny flats are great as a rental property. Renting it out to people will see you bring in some extra money into your pocket, at the same time that you’ll be enjoying your own privacy.

So when it comes to getting a fully built and designed granny flat in your Sydney property, call Little Aussie Homes. We have all the experience, the professionalism and the sources to give you the complete granny flat package. Contact us today on 9687 1160 or email us at info@littleaussiehomes.com.au.