The Most Common Granny Flat Facades – Part 2

//The Most Common Granny Flat Facades – Part 2

As touched on in Part 1, there a four very common granny flat facades that are available. With plenty of information to go around, we broke this section up into two part. Part 1 covered Vinyl Cladding and Weathertex Timber, while Part 2, will look into Brick Veneer and Rendered Finishes. So here are the benefits and limitations of the latter.

Brick Veneer:

Perhaps the most common facade when it comes to granny flats. Known to be low maintenance thanks to its strong and durable materials. At the same time, brick veneer comes in an array of colours and finishes, as well as being completely recyclable.

On its limitations, brick veneer thicker than other facades and not as strong when it comes to waterproofing. It requires extra installations, such as flashings to get it protected. It is also not the best when it comes to insulation, while at the same time is considered more expensive.

Rendered Finishes:

For those who don’t know what this type of facade is, it is actually the application of cement to the external concrete floors, that achieves a smooth and slick like finish. It is perhaps one of the most used granny flat options, but it does have its limitations. It requires a medium-to-high level of maintenance, as it does not well when it comes to hiding dirt and water stains.

On the plus side, rendered finishes does enjoy a few advantages. It is great for insulation and keeping the heat indoors. Thermally it is great to adjust and manage. At the same time, it comes in an array of different colours and paints, providing people with the option to truly get creative with their granny flats.

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