Why The Rise In Popularity Of Granny Flats?

//Why The Rise In Popularity Of Granny Flats?

You might have noticed across the last few years, the rise of granny flats in properties throughout Sydney. You might be wondering why there has been boom in these popular and beneficial self-contained building. As experts in the field, we know the trends and why there has been a rise in the purchasing and building of granny flats.

Homeowners want the extra space.

As opposed to the potential high expenses of extensions, granny flats are a cheaper and affordable alternative. Many homeowners want some extra space in their homes and a granny flat is a great option. You will get the benefits of having a proper ‘home’ in a granny flat, with all the major features (kitchen, bathroom, living room) part of the arrangements. More so, you will have the flexibility to design and style your granny flat to the way you want it.

Many retirees see them as a great living arrangement.

For many older people, living in a large home might be an issue with bills. But with a granny flat, this won’t be a problem. Many adults are having granny flats built or installed on their properties so that their parents can live with them. At the same time, they will have the space and privacy they want from their parents.

They are a great for a rental investment.

Because of the ease in which granny flats can be built or installed in properties, many homeowners look at them as potential investments. You can rent out the flat to people and will send some extra money come into your pockets. Many renters would like a granny flat, as they would cheap to rent out, as well as provide them (and you) with the privacy they want.

So when it comes time to join the rest and have a granny flat built on your property, get into contact with Little Aussie Homes today. We are ready to help you with all your granny flat needs. For the complete granny flat package, contact us today on 9687 1160 or email us at info@littleaussiehomes.com.au.