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The Key Differences Between Owning a Home to a Granny Flat

Over the last few years, granny flats are become a very popular commodity for homeowners. Not only do they see it as an extension of your own home, but rather as legitimate place to live, start a family and make a life. Many people look at it as an alternative to homes. There are though some key differences between homes and granny flats.

The Key Differences.

Homes are obviously large and built for growing families.

What is the Granny Flat? And How Does it Help You?

Many people might have heard of a granny flat, but they don’t particularly know what it is. As expert creators and designers of granny flats throughout Sydney, we are happy to provide you with the in-depth information when it comes to defining what a granny flat.

What defines a granny flat?

In in its most basic terms, a granny flat is a self-contained resident that can be built or installed (which are known as portable granny flats) on a property.

Why The Rise In Popularity Of Granny Flats?

You might have noticed across the last few years, the rise of granny flats in properties throughout Sydney. You might be wondering why there has been boom in these popular and beneficial self-contained building. As experts in the field, we know the trends and why there has been a rise in the purchasing and building of granny flats.

Homeowners want the extra space.

As opposed to the potential high expenses of extensions, granny flats are a cheaper and affordable alternative.

Four Key Reasons For Investing In A Granny Flat

Granny flats have become increasing popular throughout Sydney. One of the key reasons is that they are considered a very valuable investment for any property. We know all about the benefits that a granny flat can provide to a house, which is why we have listed four key reasons on why you should invest in one… and that investment will help you.

  1. Increases the value of your home.
    Any additions to a home always increases its value.

6 Tips to Helping You Get a Granny Flat

When it comes to getting a granny flat, there are a few steps that you have to take to guarantee that you get the flat you want. We are happy to break down this process with six valuable tips that you should take on board.

  1. Get your budget in order.
    Before anything needs to get sorted, look into how much you can invest and spend in a granny flat. This will be your ground point on where and what you can invest in.

The Most Common Granny Flat Facades – Part 2

As touched on in Part 1, there a four very common granny flat facades that are available. With plenty of information to go around, we broke this section up into two part. Part 1 covered Vinyl Cladding and Weathertex Timber, while Part 2, will look into Brick Veneer and Rendered Finishes. So here are the benefits and limitations of the latter.

Brick Veneer:

Perhaps the most common facade when it comes to granny flats.

The Most Common Granny Flat Facades – Part 1

When it comes to getting a granny flat in your place, you have the luxury of choice when it comes to choosing a granny flat facade. There a four very common granny flat facades that are available. To get into depth in all four requires two parts. Part 1 will cover Vinyl Cladding and Weathertex Timber. This being Part 1, here are the two, with all their benefits and limitations.

Vinyl Cladding:

Out of all the facades when it comes to granny flats,

Why Retirees Are Loving Granny Flats

When people get older, they naturally think about how they can retire, and what they will do. Not everyone is in the comfortable situation of living in their home, but instead need to adjust their lives when it comes to retirement. Recently, one of the most common retirement logics that people are looking at, are buying granny flats. There are many benefits to having one, and you when you read them, you can see why retirees love granny flats.

Personalised for them.

Managing Your Granny Flat Space: Three Tips That Make The Difference

When it comes to granny flats, a lot people face a little bit of struggle when it comes to managing their space. They assume they have enough space to manage their belongings, but they end up struggling to fit everything in. As professionals in granny flats, we have managed to to give you four three tips to managing your granny flat space.

Under the Bed.

Do not discount the space you will have under your bed.