6 Tips to Helping You Get a Granny Flat

//6 Tips to Helping You Get a Granny Flat

When it comes to getting a granny flat, there are a few steps that you have to take to guarantee that you get the flat you want. We are happy to break down this process with six valuable tips that you should take on board.

  1. Get your budget in order.
    Before anything needs to get sorted, look into how much you can invest and spend in a granny flat. This will be your ground point on where and what you can invest in. This will also help you in saving time when it comes to choosing designs, structures and styles.

  2. Begin planning out your layout.
    Think about what you want in your granny flat, and what features you want in it. The base point of this decision will be the amount of space you have in your backyard. From here you can design and develop your granny flat to what you want.

  3. Talk to a professional.
    When you have a rough idea on what you want in terms of features, designs and budget, you can begin talking to professional builders and designers (like Little Aussie Homes). We will help you with your requirements and your requests to give you the best possible granny flat for your home. We will use all the information you provided us and put together a strong plan going forwards.

  4. Ask for a plan.
    Tell the expert that you would like an in-depth plan and layout for your granny flat. If it is to your specifications and your requirements, then you can go for it. This will give you a clear vision of what is coming ahead.

  5. Get a quote.
    Before signing anything, get a quote and see how it compares to your budget and if they can do it or not. If everything is going to plan and you know you can get the granny flat you want for your property, this leads to tip six….

  6. Sign the contract, begin the process.
    Once everything is sorted and you are happy, sign the contract and let the experts at Little Aussie Homes get the project off the ground.

To get your own personally designed granny flat, contact us on 9687 1160 or email us at info@littleaussiehomes.com.au