Managing Your Granny Flat Space: Three Tips That Make The Difference

When it comes to granny flats, a lot people face a little bit of struggle when it comes to managing their space. They assume they have enough space to manage their belongings, but they end up struggling to fit everything in. As professionals in granny flats, we have managed to to give you four three tips to managing your granny flat space.

Under the Bed.

Do not discount the space you will have under your bed. Look to get a bed with drawers built beneath (or install draws yourself) to maximise the amount of room you have. This way you won’t need to spend extra money and room on cabinets.

Fold Out Table or Couch.

All these items and materials will take up space. So by looking to find items that can double up, as well as adapt to your environment and space, fold out items are the best. Look for fold out tables, chairs, couches or beds. These items will reduce space, maximise your use of them and most importantly, you will be able to enjoy the benefit of them of these factors.

Shelves In-Built.

We have the skills and the techniques here to build shelves into your granny flat walls. Instead of bringing in shelves or cabinets, that takes up much more room than you would want, having them installed and in-built already will minimise the space. You will be able to use the shelves for all your products and items, without them taking up as much as room as you thought.

These three tips, if you utilised wisely, can make a huge difference to the space and storage of your granny flat. This is the best way to manage and maximise your granny flat. Use these tips wisely and you will notice the difference.