The Key Differences Between Owning a Home to a Granny Flat

//The Key Differences Between Owning a Home to a Granny Flat

Over the last few years, granny flats are become a very popular commodity for homeowners. Not only do they see it as an extension of your own home, but rather as legitimate place to live, start a family and make a life. Many people look at it as an alternative to homes. There are though some key differences between homes and granny flats.

The Key Differences.

Homes are obviously large and built for growing families. Granny flats on the other hand are smaller and usually there is only enough room for one person. However, this is where there are problems.

  • Firstly, houses are set in stone, and while you might be able to make renovations or extensions to your home, these are costly procedures. They could break into the six figures easily, if you are not careful. Granny flats though are a cheaper alternative when it comes to expanding it and adding the key essentials to it. You will be able to design a complete house with granny flats.

  • When it comes to creations and designs, you have unlimited options with granny flats. With a home, you a stuck with the designs and styles. With a granny flat, you have a complete free canvas in which you can design your ideal living style. With Little Aussie Homes, you can completely have the granny flat home you want. From colours to designs, from extension to renovations, it is all down to you.

  • The costs of running and owning a granny flat is cheaper in the long run compared to a home. The bills are lower and you will save money in the long run. Homes require plenty of high bills.

  • The mortgage is basically minor. Remember with a home that it will require you take out a hefty loan to pay it off. With granny flats, all you need is the land the cost of purchasing and installing your granny flats. You can already imagine that the loan is going to be much, much lower than a home loan.

These are the key differences when it comes to choosing a granny flat as a home alternative. We here at Little Aussie Homes have all the experience, the professionalism and the sources to give you the complete granny flat package. Contact us today on 9687 1160 or email us at